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A World Wide Winter Solstice Celebration – Imagine …

Recent media commemoration of the 30th anniversary of John Lennon’s death brought to mind the lyrics of his signature song, ‘Imagine’, and when they collided in my head with thoughts of the upcoming Winter Solstice, I did imagine …

Winter Solstice – a perfect opportunity not only to revive celebrating the return of the sun, as was once done in almost all civilizations, but to build on it and come together on that day – everywhere, everyone – in a spirit of peace, tolerance and togetherness. Where “the world will be as one”. (Southern hemisphere, see note below)

Judging from the number of hits I’ve had on a recent post about upcoming solstice events in my area, interest in solstice celebration is there; but the celebration isn’t … yet.

At a time of year that can be tough – the dark, the cold, the overblown commercialization, the pressures of the Season, the intrusiveness of it for non-celebrants – why not share in a celebration that everyone on the planet can be a part of? Imagine everyone, everywhere, pushing aside their worries, troubles and differences to celebrate the same thing, all together, at the same time!


To borrow loosely from those lyrics again, some may say I’m a dreamer but I hope I’m not the only one.
I hope you’ll join me in a sort of a grassroots movement and simply do something, anything, on that day, to observe the fact that it is the solstice. Anything, no matter how big or small – just something happy and joyful, sharing it too, if you can.

If you’re lucky enough to live where Winter Solstice celebrations already exist, join in. Most existing celebrations are centred around lighting the night and incorporate lantern processions, torch-bearing and bonfires.

If there’s nothing in your area, start something. Light a candle. Make a lantern. Have friends in. Go out for dinner. Gather at the local pub. Host a potluck. Wassail the apple trees. Have a bonfire. Make music!

The beauty is that there’s no set tradition – you’re free to create your own.

A few guidelines come to mind though:

1. Make it separate and distinctive – not just an extension of other celebrations that occur near this time.
2. Keep things easy, simple, inexpensive.
3. In the spirit of togetherness, cooperation and consideration for others, harm or offend no one as you make some noise and have some fun!

So, join me in doing something to celebrate on that day, but also:

SHARE this idea with family, friends and neighbours, so it spreads.

With enough people celebrating, starting just after sunset in their time zone, it would flow in a World-as-One wave of light, hope and peace around the globe.

Imagine …

NOTE: The December solstice is the longest day of sunlight – Summer Solstice – in the Southern hemisphere. But that’s just another great reason to celebrate – in fact, why not a World-as-One celebration of light, hope and peace twice a year, on everyone’s shortest and longest days?