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Side-tracked Again

We’ve been insanely busy!

I’d hoped to be posting about more progress on the Albacore but we sort of leapt without looking … right into a pool!

Just a few things left to do ...

What started as a benign comment (“Hey, wouldn’t it be nice …”) while browsing on-line progressed to “Wanna go look at pools?” one day not so long ago while driving by the store. In short order, we ended up with a pool … but also a mountain of red tape, regulations and permit requirements about satisfactory pool enclosure. This meant that the minute the installers left, we had to get busy building a pool railing and deck, due to the fact that it’s an above-ground pool.

Why above-ground? The astronomical cost of an in-ground just wasn’t worth it to us, given our short summers and the fact that, in our region, they are often a detriment when trying to sell a house. We’re not planning on it at this point but you never know down the road …

My main reservation about above-grounds was that they’re so often badly-placed unadorned beacons of ugliness, so we plan to deck and landscape (that one’s next year – I need a break!!) in a way that blends it nicely into the yard. I think we’ve made a good start.

We went with a 54-inch high, 24-foot diameter heated saltwater pool, tucked well back in the yard, and left the big maple tree … though I know we’ll curse it once autumn leaves start dropping in the pool. Perhaps some judicious pruning?

Anyway, after a week and a half of non-stop sweat and toil, the light at the end of the tunnel is growing stronger and I finally had my first swim yesterday – ahhhhhhhhhh!