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Well-stocked Wood Oven


A while back we built a wood-fired oven in the yard. It takes a while to get it properly fired up and it’s never fun cooking in wet weather so, between too little time and too much rain, I’m embarrassed to say that we’ve only managed to use it twice this year!

(The oven, partly visible in the pic, is still a work in progress that will get finished once I am able to locate acrylic stucco – locally, instead of having to drive south of the border like I did for brick mortar.)

But we have a new resolve to get cooking pizza and bread again and a friend had offered free wood so today we took a drive down past Smith’s Falls to pick up a trailer load of well-seasoned hardwood.

It seemed we weren’t the only ones with wood in mind this weekend – it was amazing how many houses we passed had huge piles of newly delivered logs and people out splitting them. Perhaps this is some rural Canadian ritual on Labour Day weekend?

Now, however, comes the fun part of cutting, splitting and stacking it – or at least moving it before our guests arrive for dinner tomorrow.

And that’s a whole other story in the making, as we will (finally) be christening the paella pan – chicken wings, ribs, shrimp, scallops and mussels all-in-one along with rice, peas, green beans and saffron.

Fingers crossed that I will be able to post a photo of paella perfection by the end of the evening!-