Life: Constantly Changing

I knew it had been a while but, looking at the date of my last post, it’s hard to believe it’s been almost two years!

Hard to say why blogging fell off my radar but it’s likely that losing my mother and regaining mobility (via hip replacement), both in the spring of 2011, were two big life changes with some contributing factors. My mom had been a very big part of our lives and her passing had a huge impact on all four of us. At the same time, I was experiencing great physical gains from my hip replacement. It often felt oddly wrong to be suddenly feeling so good at that time. Although it was a period of major adjustment for a while – tough for all of us in different ways – ultimately, we have all regained our equilibrium.

Next, in early 2012, my husband took the plunge and retired. Shortly afterward, a sudden turn of events gave me, amidst much workplace turmoil and anxiety for those around me, the option to retire, without penalty, a few years earlier than expected. By the end of September 2012, we were both retired! That too felt oddly wrong at first, to have landed in a sweet spot when my colleagues were sweating over whether they would survive massive workplace cuts, but I’m happy to say that everyone I worked with, other than those also able to retire, survived the cuts.

So, what have I been doing since then? Well, there’s been a brief return to further education, creation of a business plan, some travel and a boatbuilding project, to name a few things – more to come on all of them in future posts.

I’ll end this one by saying I could not have foreseen a few years ago where I’d be today, however, where I am is good! A big part of it is the fact that my hip replacement has allowed me to return to a far more active life. I’m still amazed when I think about it, but mostly I don’t so much anymore – I’m just too busy, in a wonderfully, physically, pain-free way!


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