Albacore – Out the Door

Recent blog traffic suggests there are people out there interested in my Albacore restoration project so I thought I’d better post sooner than later that – pardon the pun – the wind has sort of gone out of my sails on this one.

I’m not sure which was the mistake – buying a project boat in the first place or moving up to keelboat lessons last year. Having now experienced both dinghy and keelboat sailing, keelboats rule! Had I simply stuck to dinghies, I might have completed the restoration by now and be frantic to get mobile enough (hip surgery) to be on the water. But no. So she will soon be looking for a new home with a more appreciative owner.

And as much as I’d like to jump into a keelboat of my own, this is not the year for it as I likely won’t have decent sea-legs for sailing till at least July. Perhaps some crewing opportunities will appear after that??

Switching gears to powerboats, we recently upgraded from a fishing boat to a bow-rider! I’ve only seen photos so far but I think I may soon be mobile enough for a trip to the lake* and a maiden voyage. The new boat, with a full windscreen, canopy and zip-on-and-off side panels, should make the trips to and from the island much better on rough days. Or any days really – she’s fiberglass instead of aluminum, beamier and about two feet longer (18’-something …) The seating is higher on the comfort scale and the swim platform, ladder and bigger motor mean skiing or wakeboarding is an option … not likely for me, but you never know …

So goodbye Albacore, hello bow-rider, with sweet dreams of a keelboat in a few years’ time!

*The lake is Big Rideau, where we have just over two acres of property on a 25-acre island – alas, no cottage, just a very modest sleeping cabin (OK, shed, really), however, the beauty and tranquility of the setting, the stellar view, clear water and weed-free swimming are all that really matter! The boat ride from marina-to-island is about five kilometers (three miles).


3 responses to “Albacore – Out the Door

  1. I was intrigued to discover your discussion of the Albacore. I bought one exactly like it on Big Rideau about 4-5 years ago. (We have an island cottage on Sand Lake near Elgin.) I do like tinkering with boats; I’ve reworked dings and dents in the hull of mine and will be working up a traditional balanced lug sail to use in place of the current sloop rig, mostly for convenient and relaxed single-handed sailing. I have enough boats scattered around that a friend made me a sign saying ‘Bob’s Boat Yard!’

    I certainly understand that you want to migrate to a keel boat, but am sorry to see you letting the Albacore go. They are a nice design, though not the most stable of centerboarders. For my part, I’m inclined to centerboard boats on the Rideau because I can poke into more interesting corners thanks to their shallow draft possibilities.

    Where do you plan to sail the keel boat? Have you chosen a design?

    (I tried to send this before and it bounced–I hope you don’t receive a duplicate.)

    • Hi Bob, sorry for the huge delay in replying but I’ve been away from blogging for quite a while. I did let go of the Albacore – she has a new home with the Albacore club at the Nepean Sailing Club. Hopefully, they’ve been able to make better use of her than I ever would have.
      I’ve been away from sailing in the last two years but hope to get back at it this year, just not sure what form it will take yet. I also plan to do some rowing and kayaking. We too have a mini boatyard!
      Right now, however, I’m just looking forward to the end of what’s been a long, long winter. Can’t wait for the ice to go out!

  2. So , did you get rid of the albacore or do you still have it?

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