Tomato harvest gathering steam

I sweated all summer and fretted into the fall about my tomatoes but the fruits of my labour began flowing in about a week ago and the flow is speeding up now – I may even hit a point where I need to give some away! Or not.

Four varieties of sweet success!

Four varieties of sweet success!

The varieties have been a bit perplexing – the ridged one to the right is a Puple Calabash; but they’re by no stretch purple!

The small ones are Isis Candy cherry tomatoes and are as sweet as the name implies. I’ve had to bring them inside before they’re ripe though – it seems that if left too long, they split on their own or the squirrels split them for me.

The medium-sized smooth one, centre-front – well, I may have mixed up somewhere. I thought it was a Yellow Elbe that a friend had given me but it looks as if it’s perhaps the only other type I planted – Brandywine … or was it a mix-up at my friend’s end? A mystery …

At any rate, we’ve sampled all three and they have all been great!

And then there’s a fourth – the Green Zebra. I’m having a hard time deciding if it’s ready to eat by my research suggests its colour says Yes! We’ll find out tonight at dinner (which is set to include beautiful T-bone steaks that were on sale at the Superstore as well as lovely new red potatoes and what may sadly be the last feed of corn for this year, picked up from the Parkdale market after work).

I’ll be back later to let you know about the Green Zebra and will try to post my favourite and simplest tomato recipe soon.


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