Preparing for cider & picking tomatoes

It’s been a busy week. And now it’s the weekend, which we kicked off after work with a trip to Musca, a local wine-making supply shop. The sidewalk out front was piled high with crates of grapes, and wasps swarming all over them. In preparation for cider-making, I now have a 30-litre pail to drop off at a local apple orchard, where they will fill it for me with fresh juice once it’s ready. Since I don’t want to ferment the juice in a plastic container, I also got a 25-litre glass demi-john which is nestled nicely in a protective plastic fake-basket covering – see for yourself:


(BTW, I do know I cannot pour 30 litres of juice into a 25-litre jug – guess we’ll just have to drink that extra 5.)

I happened to notice some bottles of balsamic vinegar for sale and just had to try one – 10 years old and aged in a succession of five different wood casks – oak, chestnut, mulberry, cherry and juniper. I’ve already dipped into it – wonderful!

On a final happy note, for now, the tomato harvest has begun. Only the not-so-purple calabash so far, which are incredibly tasty despite their disappointing colour of NOT purple. But then, the tiny wee carrots, which will likely never be any bigger, they are purple!!



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